Holmavik Tourist Information in Strandir


We want to make a Westfjord tour from Reykjavik to Holmavik, then further to Stadarskali (Bru) to Akureyri. We can't find any bus connections to Stadarskali.

On our website we have listed up all bus connections for the summer period. From the link below you can scroll down the calander and find connection for each day. The bus route from Hólmavík to Akureyri will be via Bifröst, not via Staðarskáli as before.
Hólmavík – Bifröst – Akureyri.
Here is the link: https://touristinfo.webnode.com/news/rutuaaetlun-bus-schedule/
Scroll down to the date you are looking for on the calander and you find all connections for the day. Click on each link for more details.


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